Thursday, August 16, 2012

On The Other Side of The Internet

Independent authors spend a lot of time online doing all sorts of connecting across the Internet. All published authors have had (or will have) the experience of being on the end of hateful remarks about our work, or emails like those described in the video. It never feels good and always hurts.

The main point of the message about communication in this video is probably best summarized by Derek Sivers' video title. It reminds us that on the other side of each Internet connection is "A real person, a lot like you".

Thanks to PG from Passive Voice for sharing this video on his blog. PG referred to this information as his "commenting policy" which just makes me like him and his blog more. I also noticed Derek Sivers is a frequent TED talks speaker, so I'll be heading to check out the rest of his offerings.

This information seems to be a great message. Many thanks to Mr. Sivers.

Posted by Donna McDonald

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