Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creating a Goodreads Advertising Campaign

In the Indie world, sometimes the marketing you do is experimental. What does this mean? It means you are trying something and have no clue if it is going to help you or not, but you have take a few risks now and again. Welcome to the business world. Personally, I like the marketing campaigns that don't cost much initially because you can always come back to a higher priced version later.

So I've been conducting Goodreads ad campaigns for about six months and have seen some increase in sales that maybe I could attribute to them. What I have seen for sure is an increase in Goodreads reviews and my work being added to libraries a lot.

However, sometimes you come across someone more knowledgeable in what you're doing who posts about the process and THIS is one of the reasons Indie authors read so many blogs!  So thanks this time Lindsay Buroker for her articles on Goodreads campaigns:

Her Goodreads advertising results and process

How to improve your ebook sales at sites other than Amazon

I like the idea of creating targeted campaigns that have links to the Nook sales pages. I am one of those "publish everywhere" people and like to think I can increase my sales at all places not just Amazon.  I include Amazon links to all my sites, but only recently made a concentrated effort to include all the others equally.

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