Monday, June 4, 2012

Interesting Link: Barnes and Noble Marketing

Many authors do quite well selling at Barnes and Noble. The books I've let Smashwords put there have done better than the ones I have put there myself--until just recently when I have seen growth.

To improve my sales there, I've been trying to find some additional marketing help for the inside tricks of selling at Barnes and Noble. Here is one source that I found interesting. Plus it has a video by HP Mallory who just happens to be an Urban Fantasy author I like and have talked with in the past. She is an Indie who took a contract on some of her work and remained Indie on the rest. To me, she represents what is likely the "new reality" where most successful authors are going to be both Indie and Traditionally published.

Click here to go to the FB page where the videos are posted.

I haven't watched them all yet. Most of what I have heard so far I knew or had read elsewhere, but if you know of any other sites that have more PubIt marketing tips, please link them in a comment. Thanks!

Here's a link to the "Notes" part of the page where there is some good advice as well.

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