Membership and Meetings

KIW is not accepting new members at this time.

Growth and interest in KIW has grown a lot in the year and a half we've been meeting. The current number of active group members is over 45. Instead of increasing our number, we are in the process of reducing it. There was a unanimous decision among the vetting committee (1/4 of members) to keep the overall membership small enough for the 25-30 regular monthly attendees of physical meetings to have a productive and supportive networking experience. We are seeing other indie author groups cap at ten. We have chosen 40 for now because that number has been working for us so far.

We created the KIW blog to capture our experiences and discussions. There is a lot of helpful information captured in the articles for any author thinking about indie publishing, including lists of freelance cover artists, editors, and formatters. Most of the freelancers on the lists have been used by one or more of our members. Some KIW members have linked to other helpful indie publishing blogs from their author pages, websites, etc. You may want to check those out as well for some helpful publishing links.

Thank you for your interest in our group. You are welcome to check back periodically and see if we have opened membership again. However, we suggest you also consider creating your own author support network.

If you are a member of a writing group that would like to have some of us come and talk about our Indie experiences, please email me at