Friday, July 27, 2012

KIW Has Their Share of "Jimmy" Covers

In the romance industry, cover model Jimmy Thomas has appeared on over 3400 book covers across all genres. Those who have worked with him know he has turned his modeling into a very beneficial business to help the romance novel industry, essentially starting out as an indie himself within his modeling field.

Thanks to KIW member Jowanna Kestner for recommending this very informative and entertaining interview. In addition to Jimmy Thomas, this interview includes cover artist, Fiona Jayde, authors, and TJ MacKay, founder, publisher and reviewer at In'Dtale magazine.

Here are the covers from KIW authors which feature Jimmy Thomas:
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The first wonderful cover is from fellow KIW author Hayden Bradburn and just happens to be her debut book. I didn't even recognize Jimmy, but she's says the cover artist lightened his hair. Thomas mentioned that on some covers, artists have made him blonde and done some amazing work. 

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This is a very young version. Thomas says he's been doing covers since 1998 and talks about why he's left the younger, leaner version of himself up for sale. Since those early days, he became a competitive martial artist. The newer body is complements of working out and that training.

And here's another cover from KIW author, Kallypso Masters. This one is very different and shows the range of emotion and sensuality of the model. Just FYI, Jimmy is the guy posing on the bed with the female model.

There is also an interesting discussion of the lack of models with his body type for covers these days. Apparently, high profile modelling agencies think his body has gone out of fashion. Right. I laughed about that myself. I bet Thomas laughs every time he deposits payments from those who disagree.

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Trivia for long time romance addicts: Fabio was on something like 288 covers. Jimmy Thomas (working with indies) has exceeded 3400, and has crossed most genres. Note though that many of the newer genres didn't exist in their current forms during Fabio's mega appearances on historical covers.

Other "Jimmy covers" in our group are Taryn Raye's historical and Devon Matthews western romance. Both have mentioned they are considering him for future covers. Actually, every author in our group cited being pleased with their Jimmy Thomas covers.

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One of the more interesting things Thomas talks about is working with authors to do a series. He spoke specifically about a $300 package that got the author/cover artist a customized pose from a photo shoot he directs himself. He has an extensive list of models he uses. There was also some interesting reasons why he doesn't let the female models he works with style their hair or have fake nails.

Another piece of interesting trivia he shares (and one I was surprised to hear): 

He says he's been doing this for many years and that not once has any author or reader at a conference made an over-the-top overture or gotten too hands on with him. He says the authors and other industry professionals he meets will tease and joke, but they don't cross the line. He attributes it to the fact that he puts out a vibe that says he's a professional model and this is both his art and work. He finds romance cover artists and novelists great to work with because of their professionalism, which is why he ended up doing what he has for a living.

It seems our writer's group is full of evidence of Jimmy's success.   Some of the listed authors have said they plan to use him again, especially those with series.

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Note about In'Dtale magazine:

It seems our writer's group is gaining momentum in the industry.

The book of another of our KIW authors, Kathy Logan, is featured in the shot of the In'Dtale magazine book review site in the video. Watch for that somewhere in the first 15 minutes of the video when the interviewer flashes to that site.

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